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Turbulent Hydro

Imagine you could use any kind of small head difference in a river or canal. The power those drops contain might surprise you. We created a technology that can make use of all these small waterfalls or rapids in a way that’s safe for the environment. Gone are the days that communities had to choose between having power or fish to eat. Our robust and fish friendly vortex turbiness will generate energy 24/7 at an incredibly low cost of energy. That way you can have a project with high return on investment that improves the world just that little bit.

Now, if you look at a river or canal, you’ll notice that it’s full of these small cascades, that’s how nature builds rivers. We have created a distributed turbine system that can combines a large amount of turbines into one big virtual hydropower powerplant. These virtual hydropower plants can be as large as 10MW in power output. That’s the power production of a small city! We can do this because our civil structures are designed to be easy to install, and the electronics and robust power take-offs are designed to keep working with minimal maintenance.

The energy produced can be directly connected to your appliances or machinery, and at the same time connected to the national distribution grid, so you can inject the unused power to it, maximizing the revenue through a net billing connection.

The operation of the turbine is quite simple. It has only one moving part, extending
it’s operating life, energy production and thus requiring very little maintenance

  • A self-cleaning screen holds large debris out of the turbine
  • The flow is guided into a vortex through our optimized concrete basin.
  • The vortex turns a specially designed impeller.
  • The water flows back into the stream with all debris gone through and all fish unharmed


  • Dry weight: 700kg (excluding the basin)
  • Height: 1.5m – 3m with a cascade of turbines for larger heads
  • CFD optimized basin with a diameter of 3.8m up to 6m for 100kW
  • Concrete basin, designed for a life of 100 years
  • Fiber-composite impeller with impact-proof coating
  • Self-cleaning trash rack for larger debris (> 25cm)
  • Flow control and automatic actuated sluice gate


  • Suited for 220-480v and 50/60Hz
  • Single phase ( 5kW) – Three phase (> 5kW)
  • IP68 Waterproof generator with double barrier mechanical face seal system
  • Danfoss ® active rectifier and inverter with diversion load to improve stability
  • Off-grid systems deliverable on request

Information Source 2018.03.05

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