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Playful boy on public bus brutally beaten by annoyed passenger

The incident occurred at about 11am on April 27 when the young boy surnamed Guo went home by himself on a bus in Suining in Sichuan, China News Service reported. The lad was reportedly being noisy on the bus and lightly kicked a strange man three times for fun.

As seen on the video clip , the man, also surnamed Guo, suddenly became enraged – grabbing the boy and throwing him down on to the floor, then stomping on him three times in revenge.

He was stopped by other passengers, who called the police. The man ended up being detained for 15 days and fined 1,000 yuan (US$157) for attacking someone aged under 14.

The boy was sent to hospital. The left side of his face was injured but he was fortunate not to suffer any bone fracture. Police added that if the boy is found to have more injuries, the attacker could face a heavier penalty, according to a statement.

The attacker later told Chongqing Evening News he had offered the boy his seat on the bus but the boy ignored him. He admitted that he had lost his mind after being kicked by the lad. He apologized to the victim and his family and said he would pay the boy’s medical expenses.

Most Chinese citizens who commented on the incident on social media criticized the man’s reckless and violent behavior, but others blamed the boy’s parents for having not taught him to have better manners while riding on a public vehicle.

The boy’s mother told media that her son was well-behaved at home and had performed extremely well at school. The boy’s father said he would sue the attacker.

Information Source on 2018.05.06
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