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20 Present Continues Tense Quiz

Present Continues Tense

Present Continues Tense Quiz

1. They _________ (play/are playing/play) basketball right now.

play are playing playing

2. We _________ (study/studying/are studying) for the exam at the library.

study studying are studying

3. He _________ (is running/running/runs) in the park every morning.

is running running runs

4. The children _________ (are watching/watched/watch) a movie in the living room.

are watching watched watch

5. I _________ (cooking/am cooking/cook) dinner for my family tonight.

cooking am cooking cook

6. She _________ (dancing/is dancing/dance) gracefully on the stage.

dancing is dancing dance

7. You _________ (reading/are reading/read) an interesting book this week.

reading are reading read

8. The sun _________ (rises/is rising/rise) in the east every morning.

rises is rising rise

9. They _________ (travelled/will travel/are travelling) to Paris next week.

travelled will travel are travelling

10. We _________ (meet/are meeting/meets) at the restaurant for dinner tonight.

meet are meeting meets

11. She _________ (is going/went/goes) to the gym every morning.

is going went goes

12. They _________ (are travelling/will travel/travels) to Japan next year.

are travelling will travel travels

13. He _________ (is working/works/work) as a doctor in a hospital.

is working works work

14. I _________ (am taking/take/takes) a vacation next month.

am taking take takes

15. We _________ (are leaving/left/leave) for the airport in an hour.

are leaving left leave

16. The train _________ (arrives/arriving/are arriving) at 9:00 AM.

arrives arriving are arriving

17. They _________ (is writing/are writing/write) a novel together.

is writing are writing write

18. She _________ (is going/went/goes) to the cinema every weekend.

is going went goes

19. We _________ (are having/have/having) a party at our house tomorrow.

are having have having

20. The phone _________ (rings/is ringing/ring) right now.

rings is ringing ring


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