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20 Examples of "Is this" in a Sentence

  1.  Is this the right way?
  2. Is this the final decision?
  3. Is this your favorite color?
  4. Is this the best option?
  5. Is this the correct answer?
  6. Is this a good idea?
  7. Is this the right direction?
  8. Is this what you meant?
  9. Is this a common occurrence?
  10. Is this the desired outcome?
  11. Is this a significant problem?
  12. Is this the recommended approach?
  13. Is this the proper procedure?
  14. Is this the expected behavior?
  15. Is this an acceptable solution?
  16. Is this a suitable replacement?
  17. Is this the usual practice?
  18. Is this a potential risk?
  19. Is this the standard protocol?
  20. Is this a typical example?


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