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20 Examples of "This is" in a Sentence

  1.  This is a beautiful garden.
  2. This is an important meeting.
  3. This is my dream come true.
  4. This is the beginning of a new chapter.
  5. This is a challenging task.
  6. This is a delicious meal.
  7. This is a significant milestone.
  8. This is a crucial decision.
  9. This is an exciting adventure.
  10. This is a valuable lesson.
  11. This is an unexpected turn of events.
  12. This is a breathtaking view.
  13. This is a special occasion.
  14. This is a remarkable achievement.
  15. This is an excellent opportunity.
  16. This is a difficult situation.
  17. This is a fascinating discovery.
  18. This is an inspiring story.
  19. This is a memorable experience.
  20. This is a generous offer.


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