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Past Continues Tense Multiple Choice Question

Past Continues Tense

Past Continues Tense Quiz

1. They _________ (were playing/are playing/was playing) basketball yesterday.

were playing are playing was playing

2. We _________ (were studying/studying/are studying) for the exam at the library last night.

were studying studying are studying

3. He _________ (was working/working/is working) on a project at his desk earlier.

was working working is working

4. She _________ (was painting/painting/is painting) a picture in the art studio yesterday.

was painting painting is painting

5. The students _________ (were practicing/practicing/are practicing) their presentation in the classroom last week.

were practicing practicing are practicing

6. The workers _________ (were constructing/constructing/are constructing) a new building downtown yesterday.

were constructing constructing are constructing

7. The children _________ (were swimming/swimming/are swimming) in the pool earlier today.

were swimming swimming are swimming

8. The scientists _________ (were conducting/conducting/are conducting) experiments in the laboratory last month.

were conducting conducting are conducting

9. The athletes _________ (were training/training/are training) for the upcoming match on the field last week.

were training training are training

10. The musicians _________ (were rehearsing/rehearsing/are rehearsing) for the concert in the rehearsal room yesterday.

were rehearsing rehearsing are rehearsing

11. The birds _________ (were chirping/chirping/are chirping) in the trees this morning.

were chirping chirping are chirping

12. The students _________ (were taking/taking/are taking) notes during the lecture yesterday.

were taking taking are taking

13. The car _________ (was parked/parked/is parked) in the driveway all day.

was parked parked is parked

14. The sun _________ (was shining/shining/is shining) brightly in the sky yesterday.

was shining shining is shining

15. The baby _________ (was crying/crying/is crying) loudly in the crib last night.

was crying crying is crying

16. The flowers _________ (were blooming/blooming/are blooming) in the garden this spring.

were blooming blooming are blooming

17. The guests _________ (were arriving/arriving/are arriving) at the party one by one.

were arriving arriving are arriving

18. The fire _________ (was burning/burning/is burning) in the fireplace on a cold winter night.

was burning burning is burning

19. The students _________ (were discussing/discussing/are discussing) the topic in the classroom yesterday.

were discussing discussing are discussing

20. The computer _________ (was crashing/crashing/is crashing) frequently yesterday.

was crashing crashing is crashing


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