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Unlocking Opportunities: Japanese Language NAT-TEST Demystified

Japanese Language NAT-TEST

The Japanese Language NAT-TEST is an internationally recognized proficiency test that assesses the Japanese language ability of non-native speakers. It is administered by the Japanese Language Education Center (JLEC) and is held twice a year in over 50 countries worldwide. The test is offered in five levels, corresponding to different stages of Japanese language proficiency:

  • Level 5: Beginner (equivalent to Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N5)
  • Level 4: Elementary (equivalent to JLPT N4)
  • Level 3: Pre-intermediate (equivalent to JLPT N3)
  • Level 2: Intermediate (equivalent to JLPT N2)
  • Level 1: Advanced (equivalent to JLPT N1)

Each level of the NAT-TEST consists of three sections:

  • Grammar and Vocabulary: This section assesses the test taker's knowledge of Japanese grammar and vocabulary.
  • Listening: This section assesses the test taker's ability to understand Japanese spoken at a natural pace.
  • Reading Comprehension: This section assesses the test taker's ability to read and understand Japanese written text.

The Japanese Language NAT-TEST is a valuable tool for non-native Japanese speakers who want to:

  • Assess their Japanese language proficiency: The NAT-TEST provides a standardized measure of Japanese language proficiency, which can be helpful for students, job seekers, and anyone else who needs to demonstrate their Japanese language skills.
  • Track their progress in Japanese language learning: The NAT-TEST can be used to track progress over time by taking the test at different levels.
  • Prepare for the JLPT: The NAT-TEST is a good way to prepare for the JLPT, as it is based on the same standards and many of the same question types.
  • Gain a competitive edge in college admissions and job applications: A good score on the NAT-TEST can make a strong impression on admissions committees and potential employers, as it demonstrates a high level of Japanese language proficiency.

How to Register for the Japanese Language NAT-TEST

Registration for the Japanese Language NAT-TEST is typically open two to three months before the test date. You can register online or at a test center. The test fee varies depending on the level of the test and the country in which you are taking the test.

How to Prepare for the Japanese Language NAT-TEST

There are a number of resources available to help you prepare for the Japanese Language NAT-TEST. These resources include:

  • Official NAT-TEST study materials: The JLEC publishes a variety of study materials for the NAT-TEST, including textbooks, practice tests, and audio recordings.
  • Online practice tests: There are a number of websites that offer online practice tests for the NAT-TEST.
  • Japanese language textbooks and courses: There are many Japanese language textbooks and courses available that can help you prepare for the NAT-TEST.

Additional Information

For more information about the Japanese Language NAT-TEST, please visit the official NAT-TEST website: http://www.nat-test.com/


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