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Reek of

This phrase is used to describe a strong, often bad, smell coming from a person, place, or thing.

For example: "The kitchen reeks of burned toast" means the kitchen has a very strong and bad smell of burned toast.

The basic word order guide to create sentences using "reek of":

Subject + Verb (reek) + Preposition (of) Object (what the subject smells like)

  1. The room reeks of smoke.
  2. The trash can reeks of rotten food.
  3. His clothes reek of sweat.
  4. The kitchen reeks of burned toast.
  5. The car reeks of gasoline.
  6. The basement reeks of mold.
  7. The bag reeks of fish.
  8. The fridge reeks of spoiled milk.
  9. The shoes reek of dirt.
  10. The locker reeks of gym clothes.
  11. The alley reeks of garbage.
  12. The towel reeks of chlorine.
  13. The cabin reeks of old wood.
  14. The restaurant reeks of fried food.
  15. The bathroom reeks of bleach.
  16. The barn reeks of animals.
  17. The hallway reeks of paint.
  18. The garden reeks of manure.
  19. The cellar reeks of dampness.
  20. The couch reeks of pet odor.

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