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"The Flying Tortoise" story

Once upon a time, in a big forest, there was a tortoise named Tommy. Tommy was very slow. He always wished he could fly like the birds.

One day, Tommy saw two big birds. He asked them, "Can you teach me to fly?" The birds laughed and said, "You are a tortoise! Tortoises can't fly."

Tommy was sad, but he did not give up. He said, "Please, I really want to fly." The birds thought for a while. Then one bird said, "We have an idea. We will help you."

The birds found a strong stick. They told Tommy to hold the stick with his mouth. The birds held the stick with their feet. They started to fly, carrying Tommy in the air.

Tommy was very happy. He was flying! But soon, Tommy saw the ground far below. He got scared and wanted to say something. He opened his mouth and fell.

Tommy fell down to the ground. He was sad and hurt, but he learned a lesson. He learned that sometimes, it is better to be what you are.

From that day, Tommy was happy being a tortoise. He did not try to fly again.


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